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Ventilation systems are increasingly being used in domestic and commercial spaces. These systems are a great way to control and manage air quality indoors, reducing the accumulation of pollutants and trapped water vapour in the air. There are 3 popular type of ventilation technologies, heat recovery systems, positive input ventilation and extract ventilation. Each has their benefits are are suitable for use in different environments. We serve London and the South East of England. It is important that a house is properly ventilated to avoid excess moisture and increased condensation. Poor ventilation can potentially lead to mould, condensation, and in some cases breathing issues, rendering your property a potential health hazard. With more than 16 years of experience in the trade, ESS Ventilation can help resolve your damp problems and give you a healthy home or business with good air flow. You can rely on us to fit ventilation units, inspect existing units and provide operation advice. To find out more about our servicing and commissioning services, you can speak with our staff today. We serve London and throughout the South East of England.

Positive input ventilation

Positive Input Ventilation is a system which can be fitted in a loft, or in a central part of a flat. Air is filtered in from outside, keeping a gentle air flow throughout the property.

Mechanical Heat Recovery Systems

MVHR systems circulate fresh air using ducts and fans. ESS Ventilation work with several major manufacturers to offer you the best solution for your property. All new builds require a mechanical ventilation to fitted. These can be incorporated as part of a cookerhood system, loft or wall. ESS Ventilation can provide you with a manufacturer’s design for your current home and new builds.

Mechanical Extract Ventilation

An alternative to single extract fans is to fit a Mechanical Extract Ventilation unit. This is a continuous trickle extracting from more than one room at the same time.

single extract vans

Single Extractor Fans can be used in wet rooms to remove moist air. These work very well when fitted with a PIV system to ensure fresh air is constantly coming in to the property.

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